Rapid Dry SAMPLER (1 gm)

Rapid Dry SAMPLER (1 gm)

Rapid Dry SAMPLER (1 gm)



(For Professional use Only)   

The Rapid Dry SAMPLER makes it convenient for you to try out the best lash extension adhesive on the market.  

It will give you, at least, 30 applications, if you follow instructions.  

To get the results though, you must follow the instructions which may be different than what you are accustomed to, as the adhesive is different.  

Pay particular attention to the two special directions below.
Step 5: Coat only the base of the extension up to 1/4 of its overall length (half of the half). Enter at the bottom of the adhesive drop, then down and out to exit. At this point you should have a bead of adhesive at the end of the extension no larger than twice the thickness of the extension at the base, i.e. with a 0.15mm extension you should have a bead no larger than 0.30mm. 

Step 6: Place the extension on the natural lash 2mm away from the lash line (about the thickness of a nickel). Move the extension to 1mm from the lash line (a little less than the thickness of a dime), orientate and release. Make sure there is a seamless connection between the extension and natural lash with no air pockets. 

 NOTE: NO adhesive is applied to the lash, ONLY to the extension! 

 For complete PRODUCT DETAILS and Instructions please click Rapid Dry Adhesive for Eyelash Extensions (3 gm).
WARNING: Keep Out of Reach of Children.

EYE CONTACT: Immediately flush eyes with water for at least ten minutes. If eyes shut, do not force open. Contact a Physician. 

INHALATION: Immediately go to fresh air. If problems persist, contact a physician. 

Shelf Life is 4 months. 

Consult the MSDS for more information. 

Net wt. 1 gm. Made in USA.