Dosing Tips for The Lashe Adhesives (8)

Dosing Tips for The Lashe  Adhesives (8)

Dosing Tips for The Lashe Adhesives (8)



Dosing Tips (Pack of 8)

The Dosing Tips were designed to keep air out of the bottle, assist in dispensing the perfect micro-drop, and prevent over dispensing due to rushing. They reduce waste and keep the product fresh.
Step 1: While holding the base of the nozzle (white plastic) with your one hand, twist off the cap of the bottle with your other hand. Avoid pressing on the bottle, not to squeeze product out.

Step 2: While holding the nozzle well, fit the dosing tip (wide side) onto the nozzle tip. Gently push the two together to make sure the dosing tip is tight and secure around the tip of the nozzle.

Step 3: Shake adhesive well. Have your adhesive shield secured on your silicone round to prepare to dispense the adhesive.

Step 4: Holding the adhesive bottle upside down, gently squeeze a micro-drop of adhesive on a non-porous surface like The Lashe® Adhesive Shield. Each micro-drop is the amount of adhesive needed for approximately 15 to 20 minutes of usage.

Step 5: Place the cap of the bottle on top of the dosing tip to keep the adhesive from drying. If you are planning on not using the adhesive for more than 1 week, remove the dosing tip and replace nozzle cap of adhesive bottle. Approximately 100 micro-drops will be able to be dispensed with one dosing tip.

Step 6: When you are done with your adhesive, remove the dosing tip and place the cap of the bottle back on the adhesive bottle and store in a cool, dry place.
TIP: After you dispense the adhesive, it will leave residue on the tip of the dosing tip, sealing the tip and making it air tight. When you are ready to use adhesive again, slightly snip the top portion of the tip.

TIP: To clean the adhesive bottle, use a cotton round and adhesive remover. Do NOT use acetone as it will eat away at the plastic bottle. After using the remover, wipe with a clean round that has been dampened with alcohol.