The Lashe - Lash Adhesives are the SAFEST & BEST PERFORMING Eyelash Extensions Adhesives on the Market! The Lashe Adhesives Our three medical-grade adhesives, produced in an FDA-certified facility in the USA, are the "gold" standard for "eyelash extensions glue" and "eyelash extensions adhesive." Shop Now The Lashe® Rapid Dry Adhesive Our Rapid Dry Adhesive is suitable for the majority of clients and sets quickly while retaining its flexibility. This adhesive generates minimal fumes and provides a strong bond, with extensions lasting anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to the end of the natural lash cycle, up to 90 days, depending on the client's characteristics and home care routine. Shop Our Rapid Dry Adhesive The Lashe® Fume Free Adhesive For clients with extreme sensitivities or allergies, our Fume-Free Adhesive is the solution. It dries faster than other sensitive adhesives, generates virtually no fumes, and provides a medium strength bond, making it the least irritating option in the market. Shop Our Fume Free Adhesive The Lashe® Volume Rapid Dry Our Volume Rapid Dry Adhesive is specially formulated for volume eyelash extensions and volume lashing techniques, with a lower viscosity and faster set time. This adhesive is easy to work with, helping to minimize wasted fans and providing longer-lasting extensions for voluminous, full lash sets. It is suitable for classic and Russian volume lash styles, making it an ideal choice for professional eyelash technicians and salons offering volume lash services. Shop Our Volume Rapid Dry Adhesive The Lashe Adhesives Feature: • Medical-grade quality, making them the most sterile adhesives in the market

• Produced in an FDA-certified facility in the USA

• Instant setting and lasting bond

• Ideal viscosity for each application

• Easy to work with, reducing appointment time

• Formulated to prevent bonding with itself, eliminating the need for separation

• Minimal to no fumes, tolerated by client and stylist alike

• Soft and flexible, not brittle or crystallized

• True black color with luster and sheen, creating an eyeliner effect

• Clear, easy-to-use bottle that does not clog

Shelf life of: • Rapid Dry: 4 months (opened or unopened)

• Volume Rapid Dry: 4 months (opened or unopened)

• Fume-Free: 2 months (opened or unopened)

• Sampler: 4 months (opened or unopened)

Proper storage: • Store in a cool, dry place with optimal humidity levels between 40-60% depending on room dynamics

• Optimal temperature is 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit

• Do not refrigerate

Note: Proper storage is crucial for maintaining the longevity and performance of the adhesive. Additionally, using The Lashe's specially-formulated Dosing Tips can assist in product freshness by keeping air out of the bottle and helping to maintain the integrity of the adhesive.