Restorative Under Eye Gel Patches

We've redeveloped the traditional under-eye patches to create patches that are made of a tightly woven and lint-free fabric, ensuring the extensions will not adhere to the patch during the application process. The contoured design will fit most eye shapes and allows for easy repositioning while containing the gel on the patch.

And as you’re applying the lashes, the restorative treatment in the patch firms and hydrates while reducing puffiness and discoloration under the eye using aloe, Vitamin E and other herbal extracts. The patches are designed for continuous penetration of active ingredients to increase skin elasticity. The Lashe® Restorative under Eye Gel Patches are the only paraben free patches available.

Welcome to Lashe

Your client will emerge refreshed and youthful looking from the combination of extension application and this restorative treatment. These patches can even be used at home for added benefits.

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