Professional Tweezers for Extensions

Manufactured by Regine SA, Switzerland Exclusively for The Lashe®

A precise application requires precision tools. Our hand crafted, Swiss-made tweezers were produced to our specifications. Made with Cobasteel, these stainless steel forceps are medical-grade and rugged yet lightweight and have the perfect tension.

Our tweezers are not only designed for easier grasping and isolation of the lashes, but they also reduce hand fatigue.

Straight Tweezer
Length: 135 mm - 5 3/8" Tips: Strong, Fine, Round

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Oblique Tweezer
Length: 115 mm - 4 1/2" Tips: Fine, Oblique, Round

Angled Tweezer
Length: 110 mm - 4 3/8" Tips: Super Fine, Round, 45°

The Lashe® Silicone Round
Our FDA-grade silicone round pad is designed for professional use and is available only through The Lashe®. The special FDA grade silicone reduces static electricity for easy maneuvering and grasping of the lashes.

These silicone pads are perfected to protect your tweezers’ tips and provide ample work space to arrange extensions. You may not realize it, but those porous surfaces you’re working on can actually absorb products like adhesive and germs, creating a Petri dish effect as well as product waste. Acetone and alcohol do not sterilize.

TIP: Using The Lashe® Adhesive Shields with your silicone round for the adhesive creates a non-porous, sterile surface. You’ll keep your workspace clean and uncluttered. Cleanup is a snap and no more lashes that fly away!

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