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Shelly Swift, Lush Lashe

Eyelash Extension Testimonials

What Stylists Say About Our Products

Becky S.

"The bond & retention of the rapid dry is AMAZING! My school taught with The Lashe and I love their kit. All the products are consistent . It doesn't have any strong fumes or smell. The dry time is quick so it doesn’t slow you down. The lashes hold their curl and are extremely easy to peel off. My clients love their retail, especially the conditioner and cleanser. The cleanser is not oily at all and acts like a makeup remover. The conditioner keeps my clients' lashes glossy and healthy."

Chicago, Illinois | January 31, 2022 | via Google

Isabell, D.

"If you want to create a beautiful, long lasting professional lash service for your clients you should use The Lashe Products, Education and tools. I have tried every kind of adhesive and extensions, no exaggeration. The Lashe is its own class in this industry. I have no reason to try any other products again.

Lotus Lash & Brow | Dallas, Texas | January 30, 2022 | via Google

Alissa Blackburn

"Love the Lashe's customer service. I’ve never had any other company respond so quickly and efficiently. The Rapid dry works great. It has a slight learning curve like most products but they actually respond and help you. The quality of their lashes and aftercare are top notch and pricing is good especially with their retail policy."

January 20, 2022 | via Google

Lexi Luxe Locks

"I got the aftercare kit as a gift. I'm a professional cosmetologist in Miami to high end clientele and am always on the lookout for quality beauty products. The Lashe hits every mark! First, The Lashe Conditioner - Where has this been all my life? You hear about it but because it's a little high in the price you pass it by, well don't. The Conditioner was great for detangling and nourishing my lashes. They are full of peptides and biotin. I use the cleanser as a makeup remover and absolutely no residue is left and it's completely oil free. The mascara is wonderful. I really like the applicator and it does not smudge. Even better, the aftercare is Made in the USA. I highly recommend The Lashe."

Miami, Florida | January 20, 2022 | via Google

R. Quang

"I own a Lash Studio in Houston. I have been a customer of The Lashe for the past 4 years. Me and my workers love the glue here."

Houston, TX | June 21st, 2021 | via Google

Mary Olson 

"Shipped very quickly! Great product! [The Lashe Conditioner]"

Idaho | October 1st, 2020 | via Google

Maggie Ruchenik 

"My teacher taught me with The Lashe products. The glue is phenomenal - great hold and so easy to work with. I definitely recommend getting The Lashe student kit. It has absolutely everything you need. The extension trays are multi length so you can use the whole tray and they bond so well with the glue. I highly recommend all stylists to use the lashe products. The products will make lashing easier for you."

Septemeber 13th, 2020 | via Google

Xuxa Aesthetics 

"The Lashe is amazing, when training to become a certified lash technician, our teacher handed out the lashe student kit and it came with basically everything you need to start with right off the bat. The adhesive included is the Rapid dry adhesive and I have very good retention using it. My clients come in every 3 weeks with little fall out. The adhesive itself has low fumes so it doesn’t make my clients eyes water. I would definitely purchase my own bottle after I run out of the one included in the kit. Furthermore, the people who run the customer service/social media accounts are so helpful. I had some questions regarding their products and lash extensions in general and were more than happy to help me out and provided a very detailed explanation. The customer service is beyond what I expected from any company. Very well pleased!"

Mokena, IL | September 1st, 2020 | Yelp

Kerem Kara Ozen

"I’ve been using The Lashe for 6 years and absolutely love their adhesive! Highly recommended."

Ozen Salon & Spa of Austin
Austin, TX |  July 28th, 2020 | via Alignable

Ashley P 

"I absolutely adore The Lashe products! The rapid dry is the best lash glue. And the aftercare is the bomb! My clients are now coming in every 3 and half weeks and some at 4 weeks for their fills. Their professional pricing for aftercare is also a great perk."

July 15, 2020 | via Google

Vivian Levine

"During the COVID-19 the 3 months that we weren’t able to get any type of spa done . I managed to keep my lashes in great health and condition using “ THE LASHE CONDITIONER & GEL PADS “ I truly love how my eyes feel and the moisture that it provides for under my eye and the growth of my lashes. My stylist even made a statement that they were so healthy!!!"

Highland Park, IL | June 26, 2020 | via Google

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