Eyelash Extensions – Lash Extensions Genuine Mink lashes, Synthetic Lashes & Pre Made Fans Introducing The Lashe lash extensions trays The ultimate solution for creating stunning and natural-looking eyelash sets! Our innovative trays feature a perfect blend of B, C, D, and L curl lashes in a variety of lengths and thickness to create a seamless and flawless finish. Shop Now The Lashe Synthetic Eyelash Extensions The Lashe Synthetic Fiber eyelash extensions represent the next generation in eyelash extension technology. They are manufactured of premium quality materials set in a unique blend. Whether you’re using the Tray or the Jar format, The Lashe extensions offer a dramatically improved look, weight and feel from other man-made eyelash extensions on the market, bar none. The Lashe Synthetic Eyelash Extension Features Include: •Specially designed to exact a natural lash from base to tip.

•Lighter in weight than other man-made extensions.

•Machine cut for accuracy with stringent quality control.

•More extensions per tray; full 40mm strip length.

•Soft, flexible and lightweight like a “faux mink” lash.

•Consistent in color; keep their luster for entire life of their wear.

•Curl will not relax due to water, steam, heat or sweat.

•Durable with rich black color like a “silk” lash.

•Perfect blend of matte and gloss without the plastic appearance.

•Tray (12 or 16 rows) or Individual (1/2 gram Jar) format.
The Lashe Genuine Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions The Ultimate Luxury: For the most natural-looking and feeling lash extensions anywhere we recommend The Lashe® Genuine Mink Fur extensions. These extensions provide the perfect blend of natural and dramatic, making them a great option for clients with sparser or downward sloping lashes. Plus, they can be used in conjunction with synthetic lashes and pre made fans to add even more volume and dimension to your sets. The Lashe Fan Lash Extensions The Newest Generation of Pre-Made Fans - The fans are thin and fine and have tiny bases that are perfectly ready to apply to a natural lash. SHOP FAN EXTENSIONS Looking for a quick and easy solution? Look no further than our Fan Extension Trays! Our pre-made fans are the perfect bridge between classic and handmade volume fans, helping lash artists cut down on appointment time without sacrificing quality. Plus, with our genuine mink and brown lash options, you can add variation and a more natural look to your sets, making them perfect for clients with sparsity or downward sloping lashes. At The Lashe, we're passionate about helping lash artists elevate their craft. That's why all of our trays are meticulously crafted to ensure seamless connections and perfect results every time. So whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our eyelash extension trays are the perfect addition to your toolkit. Try our products today and take your lash game to the next level! SHOP EXTENSIONS