Volume Rapid Dry Adhesive for Lash Extensions (3 gm)

Volume Rapid Dry Adhesive for Lash Extensions (3 gm)

Volume Rapid Dry Adhesive for Lash Extensions (3 gm)



(for Professional use Only) 

Specially formulated for the Volume Lashing technique. 

The most sterile and high performance adhesive available, bar none! 

Features of the Volume Rapid Dry adhesive include:
  • Produced in an FDA-certified facility in the United States
  • Formulated not to bond with itself – no need to separate
  • Stays soft and flexible – does not crystallize, not brittle
  • Shelf life 4 months - opened or unopened
The Lashe® Volume Rapid DryTM adhesive is of the same quality as adhesives used for suture-less wound closure. It is part of the family of the most sterile adhesives available in the lash extension industry.

The adhesive is so effective that extensions will bond to the natural lash and hold from 4-6 weeks to the end of the natural lash’s life cycle, which could be up to 90 days, depending on client characteristics and homecare. Suitable for more than 95% of your clients.

The Volume Rapid DryTM adhesive is a concentrated formula that will increase your speed and efficiency during lash application.  In fact, the adhesive does most of the work of creating the perfect fans.  It sets quickly, while still giving you the opportunity to adjust your fans due to its flexibility and formulation. Because you have a second prior to the adhesive setting fully, you will have less wasted fans. It will hold just like the Rapid Dry adhesive and is not brittle or stiff.  The adhesive will wrap the base of the extensions around the natural eyelash and assist in holding the fans open for the entire length of wear.  If properly attached, you will have no collapsed fans when client returns for a re-lashe.  You will be able to apply more lashes per minute that hold without having to separate extensions or fans that pop off. The extensions will feel soft and light with maximum hold. 

The Lashe® exclusive packaging keeps the adhesive fresh. You will always be able to dispense your adhesive within the shelf life period. Drying and hardening are a thing of the past. We guarantee 100 applications per bottle, if instructions are followed. A stylist with 2 or more years of experience can expect to get more. Shelf life for the Volume Rapid DryTM adhesive is 4 months, opened or unopened. 

Features of the Volume Rapid DryTM adhesive include: 
  • Medical grade – most sterile adhesive on the market
  • Produced in an FDA-certified facility in the United States
  • Sets instantly - produces lasting bond
  • Ideal viscosity for its purpose – thinner than the Rapid Dry
  • Will not wick up the lash – no collapsed fans
  • Easy to work with – cuts down on appointment time
  • Formulated not to bond with itself - no need to separate
  • Low to no fumes – tolerated by client and stylist alike
  • Stays soft and flexible - does not crystallize or become brittle
  • True black color with luster and sheen - eyeliner effect
  • Easy-to-use, see-through bottle – does not clog
  • Shelf life 4 months - opened or unopened
For best results follow the detailed directions below:

The Lashe® Technique Volume Rapid DryTM Adhesive Instructions

Step 1: Shake adhesive well. To open, hold the bottle at the neck and unscrew the cap. Do not squeeze the body of the bottle as it will force adhesive through the nozzle. Both hands must hold white parts, neck and cap.

Step 2: Attach a dosing tip by placing it on the nozzle of the bottle firmly and leave it on for the duration.

Step 3: If lashes are clean and free of makeup, saturate them with saline using two oval and pointed cotton swabs. If lashes are not clean, cleanse with an oil free cleanser, like The Lashe® cleansers, and then you must rinse with saline twice. Use two sets of cotton swabs to do this in order to thoroughly rinse cleanser and then dehydrate the natural eyelashes. Avoiding this step is akin to putting makeup on a soapy face.

Step 4: Dispense a small drop of adhesive on a flat, non-porous surface, like our 2”-round Adhesive Shield. You will need to re-drop a small drop every 15 to 20 minutes or so, depending on your speed and room dynamics.

Step 5: Coat only the base of the extension up to ½ of a millimeter (about half the thickness of a dime). Enter by holding the extension at a ninety degree angle to the adhesive drop, then out in the same direction. At this point you should have a bead of adhesive at the end of the extension no larger than twice the thickness of the extension at the base, i.e. with a 3D .07mm extension fan you should have a bead no larger than 0.40mm.

Step 6: Place the extension on the natural lash 1mm away from the lash line (a little less than the thickness of a dime), push down and back, orientate and release. Make sure there is a seamless connection between the extension and natural lash with no air pockets.

Store adhesive in a cool, dry place; not on a cold surface. Do Not Refrigerate.
We recommend the use of our dosing tips; they help control the size of the drop and keep the air out of the bottle. They prevent accidents and over-pouring thus controlling adhesive usage.

The formulation is concentrated and very little adhesive is necessary to create a seamless bond. The adhesive will allow you to work quicker once you get the rhythm of it. Do not over work the adhesive, as it will dry in the air and not bond properly. Do not “paint” the adhesive on the lashes. You should not see any clumps or have to separate lashes at the end of the appointment. The adhesive is formulated not to cross bond with itself or cause static electricity.

The Lashe® Conditioner is a fabulous aftercare product, but we also use it as a prep product prior to the extension application in order to un-tangle unruly or wiry lashes. In that case, and after you have cleansed the lashes, take two micro-brushes and acquire a small amount of conditioner from the conditioner applicator. Apply to the natural and extension lashes, if any. Rinse with saline. The conditioner has a built in detangler that will separate the lashes. It will also bring extended lashes back to life.

If dosing tip self-seals, snip the tip of the dosing tip to dispense. The dosing tip need not be removed during the day as the adhesive creates a meniscus after adhesive is dispensed, creating an airtight seal. We recommend that you place the bottle cap atop the dosing tip for added protection.

WARNING: Keep Out of Reach of Children.

EYE CONTACT: Immediately flush eyes with water for at least ten minutes. If eyes shut, do not force open. Contact a Physician.

INHALATION: Immediately go to fresh air. If problems persist, contact a physician.

Not to be used if adhesive, latex or formaldehyde allergy exists. Attach up to 10 lashes per eye and return in 48 hours for examination.

Adhesive does not contain latex. Adhesives are sensitive to extreme temperatures. See our Shipping & Returns policy for recommendations.

Consult the MSDS for more information. 

 Net wt. 3 gm. Made in USA.