EASY EYELASHES: Adding Eyelash Extensions to a Spa Menu

Written by Nicole Flevaris, Founder and President of The Lashe
Article Published in Dermascope

Years ago, we would have to explain what eyelash extensions were and if they were a viable service that would remain or would fade out. Eyelashes are now a service that is here to stay. During this economic uncertainty, many spas exclusively focusing on eyelash extensions will close. The travel industry and spa attendance will also take a hit. Many would say now making an investment in adding an eyelash extension service to a menu is the wrong time. However, the argument could be made that it is precisely the right time to add this to a spa menu, especially if one has been on the fence about it. Looking at clients now, many of them are already wearing eyelash extensions.

For the small business to the spa, the implementation is very different. For both, finding talented, trained professionals are key. The spa may already have a staff member expressing interest in being trained. Starting from scratch with a professional will take about a year for them to feel comfortable. Finding an existing professional has its own set of pitfalls, namely if the professional was trained properly and if they perform at an excellent level. There will be no shortage of professionals looking for refuge in a salon environment with an existing clientele or the safety of a spa.

The Lashe

The challenge for small businesses to bring on this service is to not treat it as an afterthought as so many businesses have in the past. Spas have a benefit here as they already have treatment rooms that can be easily converted to an eyelash room and have relative quiet in the treatment area.

Once the decision has been made, the eyelash menu should be created. This decision on pricing will be comprised of factors such as level of professional, current menu pricing of other items, and what the market will bear. This is often easier said than done, but do not be afraid to charge if the quality of service is worth it and has value.

In addition to raking in considerable profits, eyelashes bring in new revenue streams. Many spas receive extra income through refill appointments, sales of aftercare, and mascara, as well as the addition of bridal menu options.