After Care Instructions for Lash Extensions How to care for eyelash extensions: The Do’s and Don’ts Taking proper care of your lash extensions is crucial to ensure they last longer and maintain their beautiful appearance. After getting your lash extensions, there are specific do's and don'ts you need to follow to avoid damaging them.

For the first 24 hours avoid wetting your lashes/brows, heat, facials and tanning beds.

After 24 hours, resume your lifestyle. When spray tanning, wear goggles. When receiving a facial, place cotton round on your lashes. Cleanse your lashes daily and rinse with water Daily cleansing and rinsing of your lashes with water is essential. We recommend using an oil-free cleanser formulated for lash extensions, such as The Lashe Cleansers, as they do not degrade the lash adhesive bond. Be cautious when using facial cleansers, beauty products, or hair conditioners, as they often have high oil content. SHOP CLEANSERS Be cautious with your lashes Be careful with facial cleansers, beauty products, or hair conditioners dripping onto your lashes/brows, as they often have high oil content. Use a washcloth to wash and rinse face. Lean head back in shower to avoid conditioner dripping on lashes/brows. Be gentle with your lashes Excessive touching or rubbing of your eyes will cause premature lash shedding of your natural lash as your fingertips contain oil. Wipe your lids and lashes with water after working out or excessive sweating. If you have oily skin, use blotting paper and wear powder, talc, or eyeshadow on your lid to absorb oils. Dab brow area and surrounding skin gently with a sponge and water after working out or excessive sweating. Do not use circular motions. Sweat contains oil.

We recommend The Lashe Pre-saturated Cleansing Pads which is perfect for quick makeup changes, touch-ups or repairs.
Never use eyeshadow base, gel, pencil or liquid eyeliner on extensions These will break down the lash adhesive bond. Use an angled head brush and powder shadows for eyeliner and moisten the brush with water for a more defined line.

Only use mascaras that have been specially formulated for extensions. We recommend The Lashe Mascara. Apply mascara to the tips of lash extensions. Never use waterproof mascara.
Brush your lashes in the morning using The Lashe Conditioner It strengthens the bond, glosses the lashes, and fortifies your natural lashes with Biotin and Pro-Vitamin B5. We recommend the Lashe Conditioner for those with unruly brow hair to train them to grow straight. SHOP LASHE CONDITIONER Avoid excessive heat from ovens, grills and fire pits Open oven/ grill doors and allow heat to dissipate first.