Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing

(by the Hair Stroke Technique)
Also Scalp Micropigmentation, see below.

How much time and effort do you spend drawing, penciling, shading and shaping your brows?

Now you can have the full brows you have always desired without having to waste a moment to create them. This new method differs from traditional permanent cosmetics or tattoos as the pigment is not implanted as deep. Pigment is deposited in between the epidermal and dermal band in a hair stroke technique.

The results? A natural looking brow that no one will you were not born with. Imagine waking up to brows that are perfectly tailored to your face, with no effort, smudging or reapplying makeup during the day.

Give us a few hours and we will change your life! Your beautiful brows await you!

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This method is painless and the service takes two hours. Prior to the service, you will have to complete a consultation form regarding your medical history to assess if you are a candidate.

During your service, we analyze your face shape, eye shape and overall desires to create the perfect brow shape that is symmetrical to your proportions. Once shape is determined, we analyze your skin tones to select your perfect brow coloration.

After finalization of shape and color, a numbing agent is applied and the service begins. The entire appointment can take up to 3 hours, depending on the consultation. The application process takes up to one hour.

In six to eight weeks, there is a follow up appointment, to determine if there are any changes in color or shape that typically takes one hour. After that, you wake up to the perfect brows every morning.

Depending on aftercare, your brows will last between one to five years. Follow up appointments are recommended every three years depending on fading.


• Natural, fuller brows that look authentically yours.
• Create a new brow or recreate the brow of your youth.
• Fully restore eyebrows and eyebrow shape even if no brow hair is present.
• Customized and Precise brows that enhance your facial features and take years off your face.
• Dimensional eyebrows created by expertly trained hands with over 20 years of experience.

Similarly, we offer scalp micropigmentation that effects and enhances the appearance of your hair. Please call us for a complimentary consultation.


We are CCP and SPCP certified, which is no light matter by the Society of permanent cosmetics. We have also taken classes with national and international permanent cosmetics artists on topics such as technique and color theory to be able to create a brow that is unique to you and perfectly enhancing to your features. Most stylists have only a 2 day training course on this technique when we have over 180 hours of course work in just the hair stroke tattoo technique.


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