Am I a Candidate for Eyelash Extensions? While eyelash extensions can be enjoyed by almost anyone, there are some cases where they may not be suitable for you. If you have any of the following conditions, you may want to reconsider getting lash extensions: You Rub Your Eyes Frequently You suffer from seasonal allergies or just find you have a tendency to rub your eyes excessively. Sensitive Skin Although eyelash extensions are not applied to the skin, it's important to note that allergic reactions can still occur from the adhesive or under-eye pads used during the procedure. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation from skincare products or cosmetics, it's crucial to inform your lash stylist before your appointment to prevent any potential allergic reactions. Medical Conditions / Contraindications A common cold or sinus infection can cause irritation and/or eye secretions which can cause inadequate bonding of the adhesive and premature loss of your eyelash extensions. Lash extensions should not be applied to individuals who have recently completed or are undergoing chemotherapy, have severe alopecia, or who suffer from trichotillomania or trichinosis. If you have an eye condition where the eye does not look healthy or have an adhesive or latex allergy, you are probably not a candidate for eyelash extensions. Consult with your ophthalmologist for a recommendation or stop in for a consultation. Conditions Affecting Eyelash Growth In order to apply lash extensions, you must have healthy, natural lashes. If you have no natural lashes or suffer from conditions that affect eyelash growth, such as alopecia, you may not be a suitable candidate for extensions. However, many of our clients have successfully grown their natural lashes using lash serums that are safe for use with extensions. It's important to note that stronger lash growth programs like Latisse should be used sparingly with a liquid eyeliner brush to prevent any potential side effects.