What are Eyelash Extensions? Lash extensions are individual synthetic or natural fibers that are delicately attached to your own lashes using a medical-grade adhesive. This is done to enhance the length, curl, and volume of your natural lashes. The extensions are soft, lightweight, and flexible, and cannot be sensed. In fact, nobody will know that you're wearing them! However, to keep the look fresh, you'll need to schedule Re-Lashe appointments every three to four weeks to replace the extensions that have naturally shed or outgrown. What does the lash application involve? Experience a luxurious lash transformation with our easy and stress-free lash application process. Simply recline on one of our special beds and close your eyes while our skilled stylist works their magic. You'll hardly feel a thing and may even fall asleep during the process!

In just two hours or less, you'll wake up to a whole new you with the lashes you've always dreamed of. Say goodbye to the hassle of applying mascara and hello to stunning, fuller lashes that go beyond the confines of your natural lashes.

Our precise and artistic lash technique involves attaching a minimum of 100 extensions per eye, one by one, to your natural lashes. You'll be amazed at how your eyes can look just like the models in those captivating ads.

Unleash your inner diva and step out with confidence, looking vibrant, young, and sexy! Don't wait any longer to achieve the lashes you deserve. Book your appointment today and get ready to dazzle!