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Alissa Borrink

"I have done two lash extension classes with these amazing women! I've had training with three other lash companies and this is by far the best training & product I have had. They really take the time to work with you individually, to help you become the best lash extension specialist you can be. I would highly recommend the education they offer, it will change your lashe game all together!"

Alissa Borrink
Brow Chic
Minneapolis, MN
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Myndee Ellis

I fell in love with the products a year ago and decided to invest in the Intermediate Training class. Since this class, my retention and skill level have grown tremendously. This place is top of the line for education and service. Thank you for sharing your space and knowledge with me, I am beyond grateful!

Myndee Ellis
Myndee's Organic Skincare
Fort Wainwright, Alaska
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Octavia Nicholas: madamocti@hotmail.com

I have never lashed before and I took The Lashe's Beginners course.

The training was very beneficial as I have learned proper technique and also most importantly caring for the eyes after lashing.

I was very satisfied with the training as I was trained in a professional but relaxed environment with trainers who gave me all the help and attention I needed.

I learned so much more than lashing. I got to learn about the dynamics of the face, to include the eye shape and how to enhance each particular look.

I strongly encourage anyone who is in lashing or considering the business to train with The Lashe company. The skills, technique and professionalism learned will certainly add value to your business.

Octavia Nicholas
St. John’s Antigua

Alexandra Lemieux: beaute.esthetique@hotmail.ca

I have been lashing for 6 years and took The Lashe Advanced course.

I've learn a lot, things that I had been doing wrong for the last years, really help me with my work and I am now doing much better and it feels good and also much more confident. My two most significant improvements: My positioning !! My arms feel better! Time, and lashing much faster with better results!

Going to The Lashe course brought me a lot of experience, I feel much more confident and I love my job even more! Absolutely go there! I'm already referring this company to all lash stylists that I know!!

Alexandra Lemieux
Chambly, Quebec, Canada

Gabrielle Bruni: tivelmo@me.com

Unlike previous training, this was intense, in a good way. The Lashe Master trainers covered things that you wouldn't expect to even be covered. Their professionalism and knowledge is unlike any other. ​Making the most of a single adhesive drop. This is how it differs from any other. You only need a touch. A little goes a long way. ​Also the lash isolation is much better now and much more understood. ​I feel reborn into the lash world! It was so refreshing and gave me that kick that I needed to push my career further.

​Don't waste your time or money anywhere else. This is the ONLY place you need to be!

Gabrielle Bruni
Jean Madeline
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tara Martinez: tamartinez1212@gmail.com
I have been lashing for under a year and took The Lashe Advanced 3 day course. I benefited greatly from my training. The master stylist's methods breaks the application process down beautifully. I am confident that with continued practice I will be applying amazing lash sets. My improvements include being able to get more lashes on during a service and a better overall appearance for the final set.

The trainers! They are brilliant and wonderful educators. A wealth of information.

Stop debating and go! Only positive things will come from training. If you want to be the best you have to learn from the best. Everyone is so kind and helpful and truly wants you to succeed.

Tara Martinez
Metairie, Louisiana

Kyra Ann Skairus: kaskairus@gmail.com
Thank you The Lashe for the fabulous Advanced/Volume 3 day course and full mink training.

I first met The Lashe around a year ago, where I came to the Beginner Course. The best decision I have ever made. Do not listen to others, you need more than 1 or 2 days to learn lash extensions.

The Lashe training is invaluable but more importantly they helped me find myself. The Lashe has given me the confidence to concur any obstacle that comes my way. I feel like they saw me for what I can be at a time when I was lost professionally. You have turned my professional career around and with that my personal life as well. I have a renewed passion and understanding of our business and believe in myself more than I ever have. I owe that to you and your ability to make me see that I can be a strong, confident businesswoman and still keep my heart.

Words cannot explain how grateful I am to you for the opportunity you have given me. I feel blessed. Thank you so much.

Kyra Ann Skairus
Wilmington, North Carolina

Donna Haven: beyondbeautyky@gmail.com
I have been lashing since July 2009. Since lashing for awhile, I have spoken to The Lashe many times about tips, hints, and products and they are always there to answer and be helpful in anyway. They strive to have the best lash artists out in the field.

My two most significant improvements since attending the course is my retention, concentration and better placement. The course is a success for me. I am a lash artist not just a lasher. I am striving to become the best I can be with knowledge that I am receiving from The Lashe.

If you want to have a successful lash business and have the best hands on training, go to The Lashe. Please take the training from The Lashe, you will not be sorry. I had taken a lash class from a different company and it is not even closely comparable to the Lashe.

Donna Haven
Beyond Beauty KY
Louisville, Kentucky

Maureen Nissen: hairpromo@gmail.com
I loved my training experience at The Lashe! I took the 5 day Beginner course because I have never lashed before. I am a hairstylist that loves doing hair but have always been interested in doing lashes. I learned so much from The Lashe! I feel like I was ready to begin lashing my friends and family right away.And am confident that I will be using this as a service in my salon very soon. I am completely confident with the info that was taught me! The Lashe's training was awesome and worth the price! It really taught me so much about the eye and lashes that I never knew before! I am so grateful that I did good research and found the best lash extension education I could so that I can practice and practice so I can create an amazing career out of lashing:) Thank you, The Lashe staff! I will be forever thankful for providing me with the best education so I can have the best success lashing!!!

Maureen Nissen
Lake Villa, Illinois

Tiffany Lunnen: tiffany.lunen@gmail.com
I have been lashing for 4 years before I went to The Lashe's training course. I felt like it really made my confidence level high and I learned tips and tricks to tweak in my everyday use that has made lashing much more easy for me and on my body.

The two most significant improvements to my work has been learning how to use the appropriate amount of adhesive and lash shaping/artistry. Those were two things I felt like they really focused on and paid close attention to as I was working in class.

I feel like the whole Lashe staff is so dedicated and passionate about their product and making you feel confident. Anytime I have ever had a question or problem the ladies at the Lashe are so quick to respond and are willing to take the time to help me understand no matter what. I love that no question was silly and they truly had an answer to everything.

To every stylist out there, do it! It's so worth it. In an industry that is changing constantly, it's a must to train with the best to be the best.

Tiffany Lunnen
Highland, Utah

Amy Tomasini: amy@globoise.com
I have been lashing a little over 2.5 years. After one year of lashing I was certified through another lash company, and shortly after being certified, I partnered with The Lashe and have never looked back. The Lashe has the business of eyelash extensions down to a science. Their knowledge and education is start- to-finish, in-depth thorough. There is no lash artist out there who couldn't benefit from training under and partnering with The Lashe. My business partner and I have worked with other lash companies in the past and can tell you first hand, the processes and training techniques of some other lash companies out there, are amateur compared to The Lashe. The staff at The Lashe truly cares about you as a lash artist, they push you to become better, and they fully support you as a lash artist 100% in terms of training, education, aftercare, fielding random questions, etc. They are the only lash company I know of, that truly cares about their lash artists, their lash artist's businesses, and helping to make their lash artists the best they can be. (Sounds cheesy, but it's true.)

I benefited from The Lashe training in the following ways: Setting up my treatment bed and supply table more efficiently, allowing me to lash faster and more efficiently. Time is money! Proper glue distribution and lash placement. Trusting The Lashe technique that when it comes to glue distribution, less is more. In depth client consultation with regard to the intake and release form. What to look for, contraindications, etc. Analyzing different eye shapes and lash lines to create customized lash artistry that is appropriate for that specific client. When it comes to lashing, one size, does not fill all! Implementing deliberate artistry and technique to create a fuller more balanced/ symmetrical look. In depth aftercare to help educate my clients on how to take better care of their lashes and increase longevity between fills. Sanitation: Implementing in-depth disinfection and sanitation processes to ensure a clean and hygienic work space.

The two most significant improvements in my lashing that resulted from attending The Lashe class are: I now create more fuller balanced artistry by following the process of: artistry, baselining, and volume/fill-in passes.

I am now a more efficient lash artist by the way I set up my bed and table and follow an outlined process that has proven to work.

Simply put, taking the class makes you re-evaluate your entire approach to offering eyelash extensions. From pricing to menu options, to covering client consultations and in-depth aftercare, there is always something more you can learn from a training, which will in turn, help you improve the service you offer to your clients, and will help increase your client retention rate…

With The Lashe, you feel valued, invested in, cared for, and supported. They take the time to train you properly, analyze your artistry (before and after photos), educate you further, challenge you to become a better lash artist without being pushy, and they arm you with all the proper tools and techniques, from start-to-finish, to be a successful and complete lash artist.

The Lashe is leaps and bounds ahead of other lash companies and it is clear why they are the “gold standard” when it comes to lash training and education.

Amy Tomasini
Face Wax Tan
Boise, Idaho

Melissa Fioravanti: Melissa@CenterofAttentionCO.com
I started talking to The Lashe in 2009. I had never met anyone so passionate and knowledgeable about the Lash Industry. Since finding the ladies at the Lashe in 2009, I have been to 2 continuing education classes in Chicago. I would go every year if I could. But my business has grown so much that I find it harder to get away. I have gone from one woman renting a small room to having 3 stylists besides myself and an office manager at one large location and am opening another location this fall. The ladies at the Lashe have given me so much knowledge, skills, and confidence. They are also around to answer any questions I have and continue to support me between my visits to Chicago. I can honestly say no other lash company has ever offered anything close to the support, education, or compassion that these women have. Their products and customer service are the best in the industry by far. I will be back in Chicago as soon as I can!

Melissa Fioravanti
Center of Attention
Boulder, Colorado

Maricris Calica: lashes@makeupbymaricris.com

I love The Lashe! I began my initial lash training through another program based out of Las Vegas. I've been lashing for 3 1/2 months and found myself struggling with my timing and some clients lashes were shedding more quickly than I expected. All along my technique and glue usage was off! The team at The Lashe have saved me! Their program is exceptional and the amount of support I have received is remarkable. I like to call my Re-Certification training Lash Boot Camp! They "kicked butt" but I feel good and more confident than ever before. Hands-on training is so important when you're in this industry. The demos helped gave me a much better understanding of the fundamentals of lash artistry. Online videos and phone instructions just could never do this. I'm so happy I chose the Lashe because they do NOT disappoint!

Maricris Calica
Palatine, IL

Andrea S.: sexyeyeslashstudio.@gmail.com

I have been lashing for 4 years. After attending The Lashe training my timing, artistry and use of adhesive has improved. I was no longer just attaching lashes but creating a look.

Taking the training has improved my skills, now have a distinct look which is different from any other extensionists in my area. It's an excellent course for anyone wanting to improve their skills to become a master lash artist.

The Lashe team are always available even after the class ends, to answer your questions and find solutions to any queries. They are true partners assisting you in the growth of your business.

Andrea S.
West indies - Barbados

Kimberly Wisniewski: kdwisniewski5280@yahoo.com

I was fortunate to discover The Lashe online and immediately got a sense of what a valuable resource this brand would be. I was very impressed with their desire to educate their students on the proper application process and product usage. The Lashe was willing to work with me and review my photos even before I signed up for classes. I could tell that this brand valued quality work and product-which was in line with my own values. I learned more from a one hour phone conversation with their master stylist than I did at a full day training class offered through my esthetician school.

I attended the two day training course which was very thorough and catered towards my specific needs and skill level. My biggest concerns going into training were speed and fullness which I left feeling extremely confident in these areas. The girls were professional, yet personable and I feel very fortunate to have discovered such a great partnership with them.

It is easy to find a brand to train on lashing. The difficult part is finding a brand that has passion, proper knowledge, and your best interest. The Lashe has all of these. You truly get a partnership that helps you through your learning process before, during, and after the course. This is an invaluable resource and worth every penny.

Kimberly Wisniewski
Baden, Pennsylvania

Kae Kozlowski: kae@browchic.com
I have been lashing for 7 years. The Lashe’s training has made me a speedier lasher. I am able to pack in at least 60 more lashes in each eye. I use a lot less product with a lot less irritation. My two most significant improvements since going to Chicago was gaining speed along with learning how to create fullness and density without harming the natural lash and artistic design. My guests noticed a positive change in the fullness and shape of their lashes. I also feel that they are able to keep their lashes on for a longer period of time.

To all the other lashers out there, Do it! Go to The Lashe's training and you will not be disappointed. I really would like to thank The Lashe. I so enjoy lashing. I feel like I have done some of my best work to date.

Kae Kozlowski
Brow Chic
St. Paul, Minnesota

Kirsten Chavez: strongerthanuthink@hotmail.com
Including the very minimal experience gained in esthetics school, I have been lashing 3.5 years. The Lashe training absolutely changed the course of my lash career. I had already been trained and advanced trained by another company, but being the perfectionist that most estheticians are, I felt there had to be something more. Enter - The Lashe- I really had to throw away most of my previous knowledge about lashing, but it was well worth it. My work went from run of the mill to amazing in a very short time. I was lashing very part time while working for a plastic surgeon. Now I work full time six days a week lashing - and my clients know they cannot go anywhere else and get lashes even close to the quality I give them. I sincerely credit The Lashe with helping me discover the secret to better lashing. I now have complete confidence in my work and do not have to question if there is something more to it – I know exactly where I need to improve and what I am already doing right.

Take it from someone who had already spent thousands on training before finding The Lashe, don't waste your money and think you are getting a better deal with a kit, cheaper training, etc....go straight to the best training so that you can attract the best clients!

Kirsten Chavez
Albuquerque, NM

Carly Higgins: carlyenman@hotmail.com
I have been lashing for 2.5 years. The Lashe trainers helped improve my lashing skills by correcting my hand position, introducing me to magnifying eyewear, and teaching me new skills to make my work a step above other lash artists in my area. My finished work has much more volume. I can look at my client's face, eyebrow, and eye shape to determine what curl, length, and thickness is most appropriate. My clients really notice a difference in the volume of their lashes! The Lashe improved my skill set which in turn has increased my revenue because the service I give today is worth more to my customers as well as more satisfying to them!

Carly Higgins
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Rachel Riviera: info@bonneviesalon.com
I've been lashing for the past four and a half years now and have visited Salon Lashe twice over the past two years for extended training on new techniques in the industry. Originally, I needed the first training session last year due to dealing with extreme wrist pain. They showed me my pain was caused from holding my tools incorrectly and after retraining my brain and practicing under their supervision my wrist pain has totally ceased. My past visit this past month was even better when I was able to learn new techniques with volumizing and dealing with cancer surviving clients. The models they provided were beautiful and lovely to work with. I am so grateful to have the team at The Lashe and i am crazy about the trainers. I would highly recommend the training they provide and feel it is vital to your profession to visit the pros in Chicago.

Bonnie Vie Salon
Winter Park, FL

Pat Thomas: queenmum1945@msn.com
Initially, I received lash extension training in 2009 as part of my esthetician program and liked it enough to continue training with what was considered at the time to be the top lashing company in the country. That company offers lots of extension options (shapes, colors, bling, etc.), but I wasn't happy with the one-dimensional styling.

My first experience with The Lashe, was using their products--precision light-weight tools, soft and durable extensions, the most luxurious minks on the market, and the most FABULOUS adhesive you'll ever use! After a few conversations with The Lashe about their lashing techniques and styling, it was evident that she had something unique to offer which led to me taking two days of training with her at The Lashe in Chicago. I learned techniques and styling that enabled me to create a glamorous, elegant, and authentic look as opposed to the heavy, one-dimensional "cupie doll" look that is prevalent in my area.

The Lashe has spent years developing the best adhesive on the market, sourcing the highest-quality tools and materials, and developing the artistry that gives The Lashe exclusivity and distinction in the world of lash extensions. The training and styling is beyond that of the other companies -- in some cases waaaaaay beyond!

And three of my clients are astonished at how much attention they have been receiving since getting their new look!

Don't even consider the other lash companies. The Lashe is where you need to be for top products, training, and styling.

Pat Thomas
La Jolla, California

B. Kettavong: LashHelp@gmail.com
It feels like I've been lashing forever, but on a serious note, it’s been about 5 years full time and 3 years part time. All in all roughly 7-8 years now.

My two most significant improvements from The Lashe training have definitely been my speed and my confidence in my pricing and being more competitive in the market place. To me, The Lashe training is more than just a class. It is about being open minded to learn new lash techniques and business practices. I learned about my self-worth in this industry. The average person will probably go through 2-3 lash trainings to really understand what lashing is about. The Lashe training doesn’t only show you how to use products and their technique, but also how not to hurt someone. They teach you all about the eye, natural eyelashes, safety and corrective work. I thought I knew it all until I attended this class.

For a new lasher the training would help you see a bigger picture than just sticking glue and lashes on a person's eye. You can benefit from the technique and understand the reason why it has to be lashed the way The Lashe does it. There's a science to it. I was already an awesome lasher before the class. Now I'm better than awesome, I'm the queen of lashing. I will take any lash challenge from any one!!

For an experience stylist you will gain new insight and motivation. That's priceless!! For newbies, need not waste your time and money on other lash extension courses. The Lashe adhesive and technique will save you time and agony. Save your time from all those trial and errors. If premium eyelash extensions is your niche then this is the class you want to take.

B. Kettavong
Ultimate Lash & Brow
San Diego, CA

Melissa Fioravanti: melissa@centerofattentionco.com
I have been a lash extensionist for almost 5 years. I recently took the advanced training course with The Lashe. It was more expensive then any other course I looked into, and worth every penny. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to further their knowledge in this industry. The women at The Lashe not only have more knowledge and experience then anyone in the lash industry, but they are willing to share all of it! What a relief to meet women in this industry who truly want to help others succeed. The training itself was very well structured and detailed. I felt like I learned a lot in the little time I was there. And the best part is that ever since I left Chicago, they have made themselves 100% available to me whenever I have questions or need support. I have already referred others to the training and will continue to do so. I feel more confident in my own skill because of my training with The Lashe.

Melissa Fioravanti
Boulder, CO

Gloria Fuentes: blinkbeautybygloria@gmail.com
I have been doing lashes for four years. I feel like as a result of the training I received from The Lashe that 1) my lashes have taken on a much more natural yet fuller appearance and 2) I am taking a more delicate approach and at the same time my speed has increased. The master Lash Stylists conducting the class were meticulous about body ergonomics for the stylist, something that has never really been approached in all the training I have received in the past. I came back to my business inspired and excited again.

Gloria Fuentes
Owner of Blink Beauty
Austin, TX

Leslie Thompson: ltpfeiffer@gmail.com
I have been doing lashes for four years. I feel like as a result of the training I received from The Lashe that 1) my lashes have taken on a much more natural yet fuller appearance and 2) I am taking a more delicate approach and at the same time my speed has increased. The master Lash Stylists conducting the class were meticulous about body ergonomics for the stylist, something that has never really been approached in all the training I have received in the past. I came back to my business inspired and excited again.

Leslie Thompson
Alberta, Canada

Christian DeAngelis: cdeangelis2@yahoo.com
I have been a lash extensionist for 1 year. I benefited most from The Lashe's training from the 1 on 1 personal attention given to me by experts in the field. Having constant instruction and information from such positive role models in the industry has not only caused my skill level to grow, but also my credibility to new and existing clients. The most significant improvements is the increased level of creativity that I have and the overall greater quality of the results I am experiencing from my new skills. The Lashe's training allowed me to further develop my lash skills far beyond what could be accomplished without close instruction and expert advice. Taking The Lashe's training sessions is a significant investment in the work that I do. I now have greater confidence in situations that used to make me nervous, and the proof is in the stellar results. I am looking forward to my next training session to build on the already increased level of skill that I have developed due to The Lashe's intensive courses.

Christian DeAngelis
Phoenix, AZ