The Lashe® Technique

It sets you apart…

The Lashe® Technique is our company’s contribution to the eyelash extension industry. The technique has been in development since 2007 and its main purpose is to learn how to attach extensions to eyelashes safely, reliably, with precision and artistry, adapted to one’s own facial characteristics.

Our technique is unique and different from all others. Its core is the attachment of the extensions. What made it possible is the composition and viscosity of our Rapid Dry adhesive. The basic element of the technique is that you use a minimal amount of adhesive due to its concentrated formula. The extension is only wet at its base, up to 25% of its overall length. No “painting” of the lash with the adhesive.

A major advantage of our technique is that, if you attach the extension properly (per our instructions) and the client does not have oily skin or uses oil-based products, the extension will stay on until the eyelash sheds naturally.

Welcome to Lashe

Welcome to Lashe

Another big advantage is the fact that 75% of the extension is free of adhesive and therefore able to flex when pressed against, neither weakening the bond nor feeling stiff. What’s more, if you use a high quality extension, like The Lashe® Synthetic Fiber, the extensions will look and feel near-natural.

Our courses, from Beginner to Advanced, incorporate the Lashe® Technique the benefits of which are well documented in our training testimonials. We invite you to review the course that is appropriate for you.