Intermediate (2-Day) Course

The Lashe® understands that there are many types of students with varying skills. This Intermediate course is designed for stylists that have been applying extensions for over one (1) year. For any questions regarding prerequisite skill levels for this course please contact The Lashe®. The Beginner Course Topics are reviewed and reinforced as appropriate for each student.

All students attending the Intermediate Course will be required to have completed the following prior to arrival:

  1. Submit all signed forms in your welcome package.
  2. Read the procedural guide on eyelash extension application.
  3. Submit before and after photos of 3 models showing your current work.

All supplies will be provided to you in class and all models are arranged by The Lashe® for your convenience, at no additional cost. We recommend you bring any set of preferred tools and your magnifying eyewear. The Lashe® tools will be provided to you in class. Please let us know in advance if there are any challenges you face based on lashes or clients and we will do our best to arrange models for you with similar conditions.

Eyelash Extension Training Chicago Volume Lashes

Lash Extension Training Chicago Volume Lashes

The Lashe® reserves the right to assess if you have the skill level to attend this class. If when all materials are submitted and it is determined you do not have the skill level, The Lashe® will contact you to move you into the Beginner (5-Day) Course. It is imperative you submit all materials as soon as possible so that you are in the frames of the cancellation policy. You will not be assessed a fee if The Lashe® recommends the Beginner Course and you purchase the Beginner Course.

Intermediate Course Refund Policy:

When you reserve a course with The Lashe, a reservation will be held in your name and unavailable to other students. There are 3 reservations possible per class. All Classes are planned in detail to accommodate a specific number of students, including supplies. In order to cover the costs of modifying these arrangements due to Cancellations and Rescheduling the following fees apply to all Course purchases:


  • There is a non-refundable charge of $500 should you CANCEL your Course MORE THAN seven (7) days prior to your scheduled training date.
  • If you cancel your Course WITHIN one (1) to seven (7) days prior to your scheduled Training date, a non-refundable charge of $750 will apply.
  • If you do not cancel your Course prior to the Course date, you will not be refunded the total Course fee.


Should you need to reschedule, The Lashe will make every effort to accommodate you. We ask that you inform us as soon as possible. A rescheduling fee of $150.00 will apply if you reschedule within one (1) to seven (7) days prior to Course date.

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