Genuine Mink Strip Lashes - Daphne C83

Genuine Mink Strip Lashes - Daphne C83

Genuine Mink Strip Lashes - Daphne C83


Normally: $19.95

Genuine Mink False Eyelashes

The most natural looking and feeling lashes expertly crafted for you.

Sterile, hypo-allergenic, cruelty free obtained by gently brushing the fur of live animals.

No chemicals, no dyes. Re-usable.
Step 1: Gently remove lash strip from tray and carefully flex band to soften it.

Step 2: Fit strip to your own eye by laying strip on top of your lash line starting at the inner end and trimming any excess at the outer end. Strip should be just short (0.5mm) of your lash line at both ends.

Step 3: Apply a thin line of adhesive to the strip band with a tiny bit extra at both ends.

Step 4: Wait 30-40 seconds.

Step 5: Place strip above your upper lash line starting at the center.

Step 6: Gently press and hold to secure the inner and outer end of the strip.
Instructions for Maintenance:

Gently remove strips from your eye lid. You may use a cleanser and a lint free swab. Cleanse excess adhesive, place a small drop at each end and store them in their tray.

TIP: With proper care lashes can be re-used 15-25 times or more.

TIP: Do not use oil based products around band and lashes.

TIP: Do not wet lashes.

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