Multi Length Black Lash Extension Tray, Long (13-16mm)

Multi Length Black Lash Extension Tray, Long (13-16mm)

Multi Length Black Lash Extension Tray, Long (13-16mm)


Product Details

Multi Length Tray (4x13, 3x14, 3x15, 2x16mm)

The Lashe® Eyelash Extensions

The Lashe® eyelash extensions, made of synthetic fiber, represent the next generation in eyelash extension technology. They are manufactured of premium quality materials set in a unique blend. The Lashe® extensions offer a dramatically improved look, weight and feel from other man-made eyelash extensions on the market, bar none.

The Lashe® Eyelash Extension Features Include:

  • Specially designed to exact a natural lash from base to tip.
  • Lighter in weight than other man-made extensions.
  • Machine cut for accuracy with stringent quality control.
  • More extensions per tray; full 40mm strip length.
  • Soft, flexible and lightweight like a “faux mink” lash.
  • Consistent in color; keep their luster for entire life of their wear.
  • Curl will not relax due to water, steam, heat or sweat.
  • Durable with rich black color like a “silk” lash.
  • Perfect blend of matte and gloss without the plastic appearance.