Eyebrow Adhesive (3 gm)

Eyebrow Adhesive (3 gm)

Eyebrow Adhesive (3 gm)


Product Details

The Lashe® Eyebrow Adhesive
(For Professional use Only)

The most sterile adhesive on the market. Includes 2 Adhesive Shields.

The Lashe® Eyebrow Adhesive is of the same quality as adhesives used for suture-less wound closure. It is part of the family of the most sterile adhesives available in the lash/brow extension industry.

The Lashe® exclusive packaging keeps the adhesive fresh. You will always be able to dispense your adhesive within the shelf life period. Drying and hardening are a thing of the past. We guarantee 100 applications per bottle, if instructions are followed. A stylist with 2 or more years of experience can expect to get more. Shelf life for the Eyebrow Adhesive is 4 months, opened or unopened.

Features of the Eyebrow Adhesive include:

  • Reduced exposure to air and adhesive kept fresh
  • 75% less adhesive used
  • Sets instantly - produces medium strength bond
  • Ideal viscosity for its purpose – thinner than the Rapid Dry
  • Low to no fumes – tolerated by client and stylist alike
  • Stays soft and flexible - does not crystallize or become brittle
  • Shelf life 4 months - opened or unopened

For best results follow the detailed directions below:

The Lashe® Technique

The Lashe® Technique

Step 1: Clean eyebrows and brow area thoroughly with The Lashe® Cleansing Gel or Cleansing Liquid. Wipe clean with a lint free cotton round saturated in saline. This step may need to be repeated.

Step 2: Shape eyebrows and remove any unwanted hair. Rinse area again thoroughly with saline using two oval and pointed cotton swabs. Make sure to get in between brow hairs to thoroughly dehydrate both skin and brow hairs. Brush brows into the desired shape.

Step 3: Shake adhesive well. To open, hold the bottle at the neck and unscrew the cap. One hand must be on the neck and the other on the cap.Do not squeeze the body of the bottle as it will force adhesive through the nozzle.

Step 4:Attach a Micro Dosing tip by placing it on the nozzle of the bottle firmly and leave it on for the duration, see below.

Step 5: Dispense a small drop of adhesive on a flat, non-porous surface, like our 2” round Adhesive Shield. You will need to re-drop a small drop every 15 to 20 minutes or so depending on your speed and room dynamics. A glue ring may be used, but it is not recommended and will cause you to waste more adhesive. For re-dropping, always use a clean and new glue ring.

Step 6: Coat only the base of the extension up to 1/4 of its overall length (half of the half). Enter at the bottom of the adhesive drop, then down and out to exit. At this point, you should have a bead of adhesive at the end of the extension, no larger than twice the thickness of the extension at the base (i.e. with a 0.10mm extension you should have a bead no larger than 0.20mm.)

Step 7: Place the extension on the brow hair as close to the root area as possible. Orientate and release. Make sure there is a seamless connection between the extension and the brow hair or skin with no air pockets. When attaching to the skin make sure not to attach precisely on a pore as to not clog it. Make sure to only attach to one (1) brow hair if attaching to a brow hair.

Store adhesive in a cool, dry place; not on a cold surface. Do Not Refrigerate.

Useful Information We recommend the use of our Micro Dosing tips; they help control the size of drop and keep air out of bottle. They prevent accidents and won’t allow over pour, controlling adhesive usage.

The proper method for coating the extensions is to be entering the adhesive drop at the same point and close to the flat surface. This will keep the outer layer intact. Breaking the surface tension will cause the adhesive to dry out faster. Exit the drop by pushing down and out to create a smooth coating and to pick up a bead at the end of the extension. So long as there is a seamless connection, the extensions will stay on for the full life cycle of the eyebrow hair and shed together. If you see popping off at the back, this is a technique issue or the client is using oil based products at home. The formulation is concentrated and very little adhesive is necessary to create a seamless bond. The adhesive will allow you to work quicker once you get the rhythm of it. Do not over work the adhesive, as it will dry in the air and not bond properly. Do not “paint” the adhesive on the eyebrow hair. You should not see any clumps or have to separate eyebrow hairs at the end of the appointment. The adhesive is formulated not to cross bond with itself or cause static electricity.

If dosing tip self seals, snip the tip of the micro dosing tip to dispense. Micro dosing tips need not be removed during the day as the adhesive creates a meniscus after adhesive is dispensed, creating an airtight seal. We recommend that you place the bottle cap atop the dosing tip for added protection.

Net wt. 3 gm. Made in USA.

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